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Full Sun Theatre

Shining Light on Stories Untold

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What We Do

Script Consultation

"I have never been so excited to start rewrites on a piece! I walked out of my consultation absolutely giddy at the chance to try out the ideas that
were bounced around.

                                 —  D. Scanlon

Original Work

We create new works that illuminate the
womxn’s* experience;
moments that live
in the liminal space.

Creative Consultation

"For anyone looking for a great resource to collaborate or consult on either script ideas or help with any aspect of play production... I HIGHLY recommend this group! 

           —  Z. E. Rammelsberg

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What We Do

We create new works that illuminate the womxn’s* experience;
emphasizing moments that live in the liminal space. 
Dismantling cultural assumptions of identity, our stories uncover the full fluidity of the womxn’s experience. Privileging the ancient and often hidden stories of the body,
Full Sun Theatre experiments with
multi-disciplinary performances rich in image, movement, poetry, mythology, texture and sound in order to shed light on stories under-told, untold and actively suppressed.

* We use the term womxn, as so many other feminist activists do; to be fully inclusive of individuals who identify as AFAB, genderfluid, genderqueer, gender non-conforming, non-binary and trans and cisgender women.



Directors and Playwrights

with the Creative Process

through Feedback, Research and Guidance

As Us About Creative Consultation

Upcoming Productions



Performing at Kae Apothecary in Mt. Vernon, IA, July 2019

BREAD is a theatrical exploration of the womxn's body at the brink of midlife. Told through a performative collage of movement and text, BREAD is about what we give up to save ourselves.  

BREAD is about the body, what it knows, and what it wants

and what it needs/kneads.

Much of the inspiration for BREAD will be gathered from stories offered by community members through interviews and workshops.  We want to know your thoughts on what it means to need/knead. 

Look for BREAD-MAKING sessions near you!

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Who We Are

Kelly Bremner

Kelly (she/her/hers) is originally from rural Massachusetts with deep roots in the Midwest, and now in the south.  She is an actor, director, dramaturg and vocalist who is currently a professor at Emory & Henry College in Emory, VA where she chairs the program and teaches directing, devised theatre, applied theatre, civic engagement through performance, script analysis and theatre history.

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