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Our Mission

We create new works that illuminate the womxn’s* experience; 
emphasizing moments that live in the liminal space. Dismantling cultural assumptions of identity, our stories uncover the full fluidity of the womxn’s experience. Privileging the ancient and often hidden stories of the body, Full Sun Theatre experiments with
multi-disciplinary performances rich in image, movement, poetry, mythology, texture and sound in order to shed light on stories under-told,
untold and actively suppressed.

Original works are often created in community through
testimonial and documentary theatre techniques.  With a deep respect for the individual, we believe stories built in the collective environment reveal the common threads of humanity.

We believe the most important stories are the ones never told; 
those stories that hide in the shadows, or the ones that are hidden in the darkness of fear, shame, taboo, grief and trauma.
These shadows, once experienced as feeling, will ultimately
lodge in the body, and will remain long after the memory fades.  
But perhaps by turning these stories toward the sun, the truth of their intrinsic beauty might be revealed, as the shadows recede
and give way to the light.



Directors and Playwrights

with the Creative Process

through Feedback,
Research and Guidance

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