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BREAD is an original play that was created using a combination of testimonial theatre, autobiographical solo performance,
interview and research spanning over a year and a half. The result is a collage performance that reflects a variety of voices, perspectives, stories, images and ideas.


BREAD had its world premiere at the Portfringe Festival in June of 2019 and was awarded a PortFringe Pulitzer for writing....and a
"Swipe Right" award....cause we're HOT!  

Click HERE to see more BREAD.

A Taste of BREAD

“What is delicious [about midlife] is knowing that time will pass and that everything you're worried about in the moment will likely not be what you're worried about in five years time.  What is amazing is the simple fu@king truth that, after 50 years, you're still here. Jesus Christ. Some days it's the only thing I wake up with: well look at that, I am still fu@king here!”


"The aches in my bones caused by bread became the form of the knock, the knock my body was doing to wake me up and  to snap me from my misguided belief that what was going on in my life was OK or was normal. It was a silent torture, my life, my marriage, my career, everything- it was unraveling.  A rot. I’ve described it before as a rot."

Watch for BREAD MAKING sessions near you and join FST in  devising and writing your own tasty monologues!

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