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Creative Consultation and Dramaturgy for Directors


Full Sun Theatre is ready to assist theatre directors looking to enter into, or expand their work in theatrical production. As creative consultants, FST artists can offer discussion, feedback, research, analysis, guidance and support for directors in any stage of the pre-production and production process.


FST can offer:

  • Consulting Services for Directors:

    • Artistic guidance through the research and creative process including, but not limited to, discussions regarding: script choice and analysis, formulating a director’s approach to a production, collaboration techniques, scheduling and calendar tips, audition and casting techniques, rehearsal preparation, staging and execution of visual elements.

    • Discussion and guidance during the director’s preliminary conversations with designers.

  • Dramaturgical Services for Directors:

    • Generation of research and analysis of the script, noting challenges and opportunities, as well as the potentials for staging and execution of technical elements.

    • Creation of a package of research and support materials for the director, actors and creative team to assist in their comprehension of the plot and story.

    • Consultations and support through the rehearsal process; providing information and research to the ensemble and creative team.

    • Creation of program notes and facilitation of post-show discussions.


A variety of packages are available to meet your individual needs.  

Contact Full Sun Theatre to to begin a dialogue on your project and receive a detailed list of services and fees.


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