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BREAD is HOT in Portland!

KNOW YOUR DOUGH! In June of 2019, FST held the world premiere of BREAD at PortFringe in Maine. It was an incredible first experience with a fringe fest and it won't be our last! Audiences were wonderful! Laughing with us, breathing with us and crying with us. One stoic and proud techie approached me after a show and talked, through tears, about how she connected so deeply with the idea of "standing in the doorways of life" then quick

ly disappeared, no doubt to set up the next show. It was a great experience and FST came home with new ideas, fresh perspective...and...AWARDS! We were awarded not one, but TWO awards for BREAD! First, a PortFringe Pulitzer for Writing and second....not to be overlooked....a "Swipe Right" award. The Swipe Right, from the website, is given to those companies whose shows, or company members, (Lets just agree that it's the company members, ok?) BIG THANKS for the warm welcome PORTFRINGE!

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