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From the Playwrights...

Organic and Engaging

"I have never been so excited to start rewrites on a piece! I walked out of my consultation absolutely giddy at the chance to try out the ideas that were bounced around. Not only did I realize how to tell a better story, but how to better communicate my mind’s eye onto paper. The process was so organic and engaging that I very much look forward to working with [them] again, and highly recommend Full Sun Theatre to anyone who wants to see their script reach its full potential!"


—  David Scanlon

The Inspiration and Guidance I Needed

"For anyone looking for a great resource to collaborate or consult on either script ideas or help with any aspect of play production... I HIGHLY recommend this group! After just 2 meetings I have found the inspiration and guidance I needed with questions I had about a play that I'm working on."  


—  Zhen E. Rammelsberg

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